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Join local HBA/Home Builders Associations and then attend all events. Networking is your most valuable marketing tool. Consider putting on an event of your own (your manufacturer rep should help)

Obtain a list of all permits pulled for new homes. (most municipalities will provide this for free) Add these addresses into your maps app and visit the build sites. Minimally leave 1 pce of literature and a CC foam sample with your contact label attached to it.

Buy an EMA Energy Comparison report to show the performance of the customers new home with Spray Foam (R13 walls and R20 attic). Show the yearly savings and then the monthly savings. Compare the monthly savings amount against the increase to their mortgage payment which will put them into a positive cash flow situation from the very first month. Spray foam is an investment... not an additional cost! Sell it that way

Buy an EMA PowerPoint PDF which is customized to the customers own new home. This is like the old flip book sales presentation (which still works very well). It provides a consistent approach to selling and automatically increases your closing ratio. Plus it is extremely professional. Present it on a tablet and/or print it to include with your proposal

Use the building codes to help make the sale. When dealing directly with a builder they care about Price, Schedule and limiting their Daily Challenges. Install less foam (R13 walls R20 under roof) which keeps price manageable. Ensure them that you will work in a timely manner. Tell them that you will handle code approvals. (all you need to do is forward all the EMA compliance docs over to the code official) You just won the builder over! It's just that EASY

CONFIDENCE IS KEY! ……. Use these all these tools confidently. Customers will sense if you are not sure of yourself and your information. This program is designed to make selling easier and systematic. Trust in the process

Energy Comparison Reports, Code Compliance Reports and PowerPoint PDFs

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